Ramya Became Headache To KCR???

October 14th, 2012, 03:00 PM IST

Power-politics have split many families that earn their living on politics of Andhra Pradesh. We have seen NTR family, YSR family in the past and now KCR family is joining this list.

Already there is a political buzz from long time that all is not well between KCR family members like his son K T Ramarao and niece Harish Rao. Though both are MLAs, it is quest for top place and monarchical position in party they are fighting for. Now, KCR's late-brother's daughter, who has quit from party some time back is launching her own party. Her name is Regulapati Ramya and her husband Regulapati Madhusudhana Rao is the founder member of TRS. With Ramya's entry, it is not a new fight for Telangana but it will be a fight for power between her and Kalvakuntla Kavitha.

Ramya will be joining Ajith Singh's TRLD according to sources and this is going to happen on the coming Bathukamma festival.